The pre-installed apps in the phone are stealing users’ data, including Facebook, Google and Microsoft apps, study says | The pre-installed apps in the phone are stealing users’ data; This includes Facebook, Google and Microsoft apps.

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  • The Pre installed Apps In The Phone Are Stealing Users’ Data, Including Facebook, Google And Microsoft Apps, Study Says

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In this era of internet and smartphones, the biggest fear remains of user data collection and its misuse. Tech companies are already under scrutiny for keeping user’s data without their permission. Now a new report has revealed that pre-installed apps like Facebook, Google and Microsoft apps on your phone secretly store their data without the permission of the users.

This research has been done at Trinity College, Dublin. The silently captured data of users includes app screen, web activity, time spent on phone calls, device identifiers, and even hardware serial numbers. University researchers have examined the data sent to 6 variants of Android operating devices Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Realme, LineageOS and e/OS.

Google, Microsoft preinstalled apps included
The researcher has titled this study ‘Android Mobile OS Snooping by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Reality Head Set’. According to this, when hand set in active with minimum configuration, all variants except e/OS allow sufficient amount of data transfer to third parties. This includes pre-installed apps from Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Since the apps that are pre-installed can’t even be uninstalled.

Sends data on when and how long the app was used
Xiaomi company’s smartphone sends the details of all the app screens to Xiaomi, in which information about when and for how long each app has been used. It is in a way similar to cookies that track the movement of people between web pages. Research found that this data is sent outside Singapore and Europe.

According to research, the Swift key board on the Huawei Handset specifically sends details of the use of Microsoft apps, in which users can type text, type in the search bar and search for contacts.

Whereas Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme and Google hardware device identifiers such as serial numbers and ad identities are stored. This means that the new identifier value is automatically associated with the same device even if users reset the add identity.

The researcher has also feared that it could also be a kind of ecosystem in which data from the phone is sent to different companies.

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