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pIn the last two years since the corona virus has entered our lives, our way of living has changed. Remember those days before Corona, when the police used to crack down on wearing a mask, the person hiding the face was considered suspicious. Earlier, if you go to the ATM center of the banks, then … Read more

FAKE CHECK: Did corona vaccine failure become zombie patient in Hollywood film? Know the truth of this viral claim

First Published Mar 30, 2021, 2:58 PM IST Fake Check Desk. The corona virus epidemic has spread its net all over the world at this time. People are sick, millions and crores of deaths have already happened. At this time the second strain of Corona has started in India. In such a situation, the government … Read more

Cultural – Dussehra removes the sadness of Corona

hear the news hear the news Shahjahanpur. The festival of Vijayadashami was celebrated with pomp on Friday. On Dussehra, the staging of the Leela of Ravana’s slaughter at Khirnibagh Ramlila came to an end. Dashanan and Kumbhakaran effigies were burnt late in the night.A large number of people arrived on Friday to see the Leela … Read more

Terrorist organizations strengthen themselves through social media in Corona epidemic – Modern Diplomacy Report

Terrorist organizations strengthen themselves through social media in Corona epidemic – report&nbsp New Delhi. Online social media platforms have always been used extensively to spread information as well as misinformation. But the increased use of the Internet and online platforms amid the COVID-19 pandemic has helped global terror organizations expand their reach, as more digitally … Read more

Government removes ban on export of diagnostic kits used in corona test COVID 19 Government removes export curbs on all diagnostic kits reagents

The government on Friday lifted the ban on the export of all diagnostic kits and reagents. They are used to detect corona virus infection. The decision has been taken in view of the decrease in the cases of corona virus infection in the country. According to the latest data released by the Union Health Ministry … Read more

due to Covid thousands of patients cataracts ripened | Wounds are not getting erased even after corona, cataract is snatching people’s eyesight

Kota: The Covid-19 pandemic has rewarded many families with sorrow for a lifetime, the despair of the pandemic is reflected in the lives of millions of people. This epidemic has given similar great pain to those elderly people whose life has been spared by the epidemic but has made them captivated while living. It has … Read more

Automobile sales down over 60 percent: Corona ke jhatke se bihar me ladkhadaya Automobile sector car bike ki bikri me 60 percent se jyada girawat

Salman Muzaffar, PatnaThe effect of Corona crisis and lockdown has been seen in almost all areas of Bihar. The automobile sector was no exception to this. At present, it has been almost five weeks since the Bihar government allowed the opening of automobile showrooms at a gap of one day. But even after the opening … Read more

World Handwashing Day: Do Not Forget The Lesson Of Washing Hands Learned During The Corona Period

hear the news hear the news Shahjahanpur. Elders always teach to eat and drink only after washing their hands, but only few people pay attention to it. Two years ago when the corona infection increased, people came to know how important it is to wash hands. Many germs enter our body through hands and make … Read more

Business Recovered From Corona, Average Business In Navratri

hear the news hear the news Sitapur. The business which came to a standstill during the Corona period is now slowly returning to the old track. Traders have felt a lot of relief from the average business done in the ongoing festive season. Traders are looking happy due to the end of the recession period … Read more

Covid 19 Study: ‘The risk of corona in the country’s isolated population is high’, claims in the new study. Isolated populations of India at higher risk of covid 19 says study

Corona positive (indicative picture) A study led by researchers from CSIR-CCMB and BHU has revealed that the genetic risk of corona is high in the isolated population of India. The population of such small communities includes the Onge and Jarawa tribes of the Andaman. The study, published in the journal Genes and Immunity, said that … Read more