Move over, Switch: There’s a new Nintendo portable in town

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Best of all, the 2DS XL has a slightly trimmed-down version of the 3DS XL clamshell design, rather than the weird flat frame and hardwick white tiny screens of the budget standard 2DS model. It’s available now in the US, UK and farrow and ball wallpaper Australia for $150, £130 and AU$200, respectively.

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The cartridge slot is hidden behind a subtle curved panel, to stop you accidentally popping out your game. The hinge is exposed, so the actual top panel is smaller, which in turn makes the top hero screen look bigger. All told, the 2DS XL feels like a refined version of a classic, because that’s what it is. The matte plastic finish and raised ridging on the top side feel better and cleaner than the glossy pearlescence of previous generations.

I do take umbrage with one aspect of the physical design. Bigger screen, bigger case. Or, more likely, small kids’ hands. You’ve got the supersized 2DS, right? It means the difference between comfortably holding the stylus as you would a pen or needing to use some sort of cramped, arcane, hardwick white twisted claw gesture on a stylus made for ants. But if you’re a grown-up with grown-up hands, go for a third-party option. So why for the love of all that is holy is the stylus so short? A side-by-side comparison with the 3DS XL stylus reveals the 2DS XL stylus is only half an inch shorter, but boy is that incremental measurement important.

It retains the big twin screens of the earlier (and still available) New Nintendo 3DS XL, slipper satin farrow and ball railings and ball but loses the gimmicky 3D effect that’s effectively unused in most games. The New Nintendo 2DS XL is the latest and, in many ways, the best Nintendo portable yet. But even though the Switch does double duty as a home and mobile console, sulking room pink Nintendo is still cranking out new derivations on its pure portable line.

Both pack the top 4.9-inch and bottom 4.2-inch dual screens (the bottom one is a touchscreen); both sit at around 6.3 by 3.4 by 0.8 inches (160 by 86 by 20mm) when closed. But the 2DS XL is markedly lighter than the 328 gram 3DS XL, tipping the scales at 238 grams (8.4 ounces). The dimensions are almost identical to the 3DS XL. The two sides of the unit will close together cleanly into one gradual curved edge, where the 3DS’s rounded top half left a sizable crevasse.

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