Mass Religion Conversion Case Update – Religion Conversion Case: The web of conversion spread in 24 states, Hindu children were taught Urdu, many important revelations

Mass religion conversion case update- In the investigation against Mohammad Umar Gautam and Jahangir arrested for conversion, it has come to the fore that these people had spread the network of conversion in 24 states of the country. ADG LO Prashant Kumar said that the ATS and UP Police are conducting a detailed investigation of all the organizations associated with the conversion.

Lucknow. Mass religion conversion case update. New revelations are being made about large-scale conversions in Uttar Pradesh. In the investigation against Mohammad Umar Gautam and Jahangir, arrested on charges of conversion, it has come to the fore that these people had spread the network of conversion in 24 states of the country. ADG LO Prashant Kumar said that the ATS and UP Police are conducting a detailed investigation of all the organizations associated with the conversion. Intelligence agencies are also investigating about them from their level. Police are in constant touch with his family members. It has been revealed that there was a plan to convert deaf and deaf children to Islam and join the terrorist organization. The intention of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI was to include them in terrorist organizations. Under its conspiracy, preparations were being made to give training in terrorist camps. Umar and Jahangir are being interrogated continuously on custody remand. On the other hand, in the case of conversion, the Enforcement Directorate has registered a case of money laundering. The UP government claims that Jahangir and Umar get funding from abroad.

money used to come through hawala

Umar and Jahangir are accused of money laundering by conversion. According to UP Additional Chief Secretary Home Avnish Awasthi, money was coming through hawala. Foreign account transaction has come to the fore. It is being ascertained from which accounts the money came through Hawala. On what basis was this money sent? Foreign funding is also being explored. Meanwhile, other cases of conversion through their gangs active in other districts of UP have also come to the fore. UP ATS raids are going on in the state and outside UP. Avnish Awasthi said that more than 1500 cases have been reported. Every aspect is being investigated.

Urdu was taught to Hindu children

Narul Huda’s teacher Kalpana Singh has opened the pole of conversion in Umar Gautam’s home district Fatehpur. They allege that people are incited to forcibly convert. Releasing a video, he told that Umar had come to school in March with about 25 clerics. During that time, the Maulana had pressurized the female teacher to convert to religion. It is alleged that the school management along with Mohammad Umar Gautam was conspiring to convert the children. Urdu and Arabic were taught to Hindu children in school. Allegedly, non-Muslim children were taught and taught ‘special prayers’ with Muslim children. When the teacher protested, she was expelled from the school. Kalpana Singh alleges that she had also filed a case against the school manager in Sadar Kotwali. But the police did not take any action in the matter.

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The aim was to radicalize deaf children by converting to Islam.

At the behest of ISI, various terrorist organizations helped the people of the conversion syndicate a lot and asked for more and more conversions. The arrested Maulana Umar Gautam was given its command. Under the conspiracy, the deaf and dumb were to be radicalized by converting them to Islam. After this he was to be sent to terrorist organizations. The conversion of some students of the Noida Deaf Society has become evident, but more than 6 deaf schools and training centers in Delhi-NCR were the target of the first phase of this syndicate.

Old name kept in government documents

There have been 3-4 cases of conversion in Ghazipur town. About eight years ago, Ramesh of the town had converted to religion in the city itself. He got the new name Salahuddin, but in government documents his old name remained intact. He never updated the documents. Ramesh alias Salahuddin’s wife claims that for a long time she did not know anything about her husband’s religion and name change.

hours in school

A day before the ATS busted the alleged conversion gang in Lucknow, Aditya alias Abdul suddenly returned home. ATS reaches Aditya’s house and is engaged in gathering information from him through a sign language specialist. After getting the information, the police had gone to the Jyoti deaf and dumb school in Bithoor and asked for the records of last year’s children and teachers. On Thursday, after being present in the school for a long time, the ATS questioned the manager for hours.

ATS’s troubles increased

In the conversion case, UP ATS has arrested Mohammad Umar and Jahangir and sent them to jail, but it is proving very difficult to produce witnesses against them. So far, most of the people contacted by the ATS in the recovered list have said that they got converted on their own. In fact, most of the people who convert through Omar’s institution are adults with high or good education. Most of the people in the viral list are those who have completed good diploma courses or degrees. Everyone has also given affidavits to convert on their own. None of these people contacted by the ATS have alleged forced conversions.

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