Hospital Employee Death Case Secret Of Shahana Death Hidden In Post Mortem Report

Amar Ujala Bureau, Gorakhpur. Published by: vivek shukla Updated Sun, 17 Oct 2021 03:15 PM IST

Shahana has a noose around her neck, but both her legs are bent at the knees and she is sitting on the floor in such a posture as if she is praying. How can the throat be tightened in such a posture and the throat will not be tightened, otherwise how will death be caused by suffocation? – Photo: Amar Ujala.

In the death of outsourcing employee Shahana Nisha (30) of Gorakhpur District Women’s Hospital, the family members have filed a complaint with the police alleging murder. The family alleges that Shahana had close relations with a police officer of the Kotwali area. The family members have demanded a fair investigation and effective action by registering a case in the matter. On the basis of suspicion, the Kotwali police is interrogating the inspector.

Shahana’s body was found hanging from the noose of a dupatta in a rented house in Bakshipur area of ​​Kotwali on Friday morning. The door of the room was open and both his knees were resting on the floor. A seven-month-old son was crying nearby. Quoting the post-mortem report, Kotwali in-charge Kalyan Singh Sagar claims that the case is of suicide. According to the police, financial constraints are being told as the reason for the suicide. During the investigation of the police, it was found that in the past, the officer posted in the Kotwali police station used to have conversations with the female employee. He used to visit her house frequently.