Girl to remove burqa publicly in Bhopal, viral on social media Video – Mob forces girl to remove burqa in bhopal video viral on social media

Mob forces girl to remove burqa A video is going viral on social media in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, in which some people are seen stopping a girl riding a two-wheeler and forcibly removing her burqa. This video is being told of Islampura of Etkhedi police station area, in which a young woman is riding on a white colored Activa with her partner. A garland of flowers is also mounted on the vehicle.Also Read – Petrol Price Hiked: Petrol price hiked by Rs 10.49 per liter in Pakistan, anger erupted on social media

Some people stop her and object to the girl wearing burqa and niqab and ask her to take off the burqa. In the viral video on social media, some people are telling the girl that you are defaming our community. In this video, a man is seen asking a girl to take off her burqa. Also Read – Sapna Choudhary Ka Video: Sapna Choudhary’s balance was disturbed in the midst of dance, there was a ruckus on this step. Watch Video

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When the girl takes off her burqa, she is forced to remove the mask. Both are pleading with the crowd. No complaint was made by the girl to the police, but the police arrested two youths under section 151 and released them after instructing them. This video is being told of Saturday.

(Input IANS)