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  • Why are there many career options in the data science field?
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Data Science Courses In India: Digital gurus agree that the world’s most valuable resource today is not oil, but data. In this digitally driven economy, data is extremely valuable and the key to smooth functioning of every organization as it helps in making quicker and better decisions. Both finding a job and planning a career in data science requires a solid educational foundation.

Postgraduate Program in Data Science from Purdue University and SimpleLearn
Simpilarn’s PGP in Data Science in partnership with Purdue University has been ranked as one of the top data science courses in India based on rankings. Purdue University has more than 150 years of academic excellence and is one of the top data science programs in the world. This program is ranked with Purdue and IBM as the #1 program for bringing together the best academic and industry excellence. This credential gives Earned global recognition. This data science course also has a great mix of a comprehensive curriculum, which provides an interactive learning experience through live classes by leading professors and experts.

post graduation program Main Features of:

  • Mode Of Learning : Live Online Classes
  • Course Duration : 12 Months
  • Program Recognition: The program has been developed in collaboration with Purdue and IBM. On successful completion of the program the learner receives the Purdue PG Certificate as well as the IBM Certificate.
  • Alumni Status: Purdue offers alumni status through membership of the Purdue University Alumni Association
  • Job Assistance: SimpleLearn offers Job Assist program in partnership with IIM Jobs. This includes IIM Jobs Pro Membership, Resume Assistance, Career Mentoring and Career Fair for six months.
  • Hands-on Learning: Highly interactive learning with multiple live online classes on every topic. A mix of masterclass live classes by industry experts as well as Purdue professors.
  • Fee: ₹2,25,000 + GST

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Advanced Program in Data Science by IIM Calcutta
The Advanced Program in Data Science is conducted by IIM Calcutta for working professionals who want to be upskilled while on the job. The program is mostly online, with a few live sessions and a mix of four-day on-campus sessions.

Advanced Program in Data Science Main Features of:

  • Mode of learning: Online with four days on campus
  • Course Duration: 12 Months
  • Program Recognition: The IIM Calcutta Certificate is awarded to the learners who successfully complete the programme.
  • Hands-on learning: Online self-learning, some through live sessions and four days on campus.
  • Program Advisors: Professor at IIM Calcutta
  • Fee: ₹4,40,000 + GST

Post Graduation Program in Data Science by Praxis Business School
PGP in Data Science by Praxis School is a full time program of nine months duration. It is offered in 3 cities – Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai. Since it is a full time data science course, it requires more commitment and cannot be done while continuing with the job.

from Praxis Business School Main features of the course:

  • Mode of Learning: Classroom/Offline
  • Course Duration: 9 Months
  • Location: Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai
  • Program Recognition: Post Graduate Certificate from Praxis Business School
  • Hands-on Learning: Since this is a full time offline program, it requires more commitment and is difficult to do with the job.
  • Program Advisors: Professor at Praxis Business School
  • Fee Fee: ₹5,10,000 + GST

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Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics by Imarticus
PGP in Data Analytics by Imarticus is an offline classroom program. It is a good option to start your career in the field of data science with 3 years of experience. It is also a tough program with five offline classes of 4 hours per week. So the learners need to be ready for the time commitment.

in data analytics Main features of the course:

  • Mode of Learning : Classroom/Offline
  • Course Duration: 12 Months
  • Location: Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore
  • Program Recognition: Offers Post Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics by Imarticus.
  • Hands-on Learning: This is again a full-time offline program, hence requires more commitment, resulting in good hands-on learning.
  • Fees: ₹2,10,000 + GST

Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics by Great Learning
This PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics by Great Learning is an online program designed primarily for working professionals. Learning takes place through online pre-recorded videos and monthly live classes with university professors.

in Data Science and Business Analytics Main features of the course:

  • Mode of learning: Online
  • Course Duration: 11 Months
  • Program Accreditation: Certificate from the University of Texas at Austin and Great Lakes Executive Learning.
  • Hands-on learning: Teaching learning takes place online through pre-recorded videos. This is supported by monthly live classes with a university professor.
  • Fee Fees : ₹2,25,000 + GST