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pIn the last two years since the corona virus has entered our lives, our way of living has changed. Remember those days before Corona, when the police used to crack down on wearing a mask, the person hiding the face was considered suspicious. Earlier, if you go to the ATM center of the banks, then you were not allowed to cover your face with a mask or mask. Now you can fearlessly hide your face behind the mask and enter the ATM, withdraw money.

That is, earlier hiding the face was an indicator of breaking the law, now it is the opposite. If you do not wear a mask (ie do not cover your face), you can be considered guilty of breaking the law; This 360 degree change in the style of living has been written by Karona, the mask has written. Now if we talk about masks and films, then first of all we remember Hollywood films. In Hollywood, the trend of making Spiderman and other supernatural films is more. Some supernatural films have also been produced in Bollywood. In this, the name of Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish series comes at the top.

Both horror and non-horror films have been made in supernatural films. If the context has come out, then let’s remember that the horror films in Bollywood have not done a better job in the zone. The Ramsay brothers have made some half-baked horror films. Ram Gopal Varma has made some horror films like Kaun, Zaroor Darna Mana Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai which are relatively better. Talking about films centered on masks, Hollywood films are remembered more. There are also two categories in this, horror and non-horror.

Talking about Mask movies, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘The Mask’. It is a 1994 superhero comedy film. Directed by Chuck Russell, the film is based on Mask Comics published by a comics company. Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Amy Yasbeck and Peter Reigert have played in this film of the Mask franchise. This is the story of an ordinary looking bank clerk who is ridiculed by his colleagues. He dramatically finds a mask in a river.

Since after getting the mask, Jim ie Stanley Ipkis harass the people, the police and the administration, so director Chuck Russell beautifully presents him as a sensitive and decent person, for this the incident of getting the mask also happens to him. This happens when he goes towards the river thinking that someone is in trouble and needs help. Even later, he uses the supernatural powers from the mask to fight crime.

The film earned good money at the box office and made a place in the category of a earning film. The film cemented Carey’s reputation and established Diaz as a female artist. Talking about the major non-horror mask films of Hollywood, the names of some films can be taken. Ben – The Dark Knight Rises (2012), The Mask of Zorro (1920), Iron Mask – The Men in Iron Mask (1998), Rorschach Watchmen (2009), Maximus – Menatee Gladiator (2000), V – We for Vendetta ( 2006, Bateman – Batman Franchise (1989), Star Wars Franchise (1977), The Phantom (2004) etc.

Although the era of Corona era seems to be over, the ultimatum that was received for the third wave has also passed, hope that the third wave will not come. But medical experts are saying that now we have to live with corona, if this is the case then mask is necessary. The mask prevents the spread of disease-causing bacteria and viruses spread by the patient through the air. It also prevents one person from going from one person to another and coming from him. That’s why a mask is necessary. Now is not the time to turn your back on this.

It is not known when the medicine will be made, but the mask is easily available and equally easy to use as effective medicine. However. Along with films, in the world of theater and theatre, a mask or mask is used as an important prop. The mask also holds special significance in sculpture. Mask making comes out as an art in tribal society.

If the person in front is a stranger, then you will not mind, because we recognize only a limited number of people. But when someone wearing a mask comes in front of us, then the yearning to know that particular person arises in our heart. Who is this stranger or knower? That is why the mask, mask or niqab always appears to us in the form of a cover full of mystery and attraction. Masks are commonly used for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment.

We also talk about some horror films based on masks. These Hollywood movies include Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leather Face, Ghost Face, Hannibal Lecter, Baby Face Killer, The Hague, Mrs Tredony Mask, Pig Mask, Button Mask, You Already Have, Where is My Mind, Green Mask, Animal Mask, Wax Mask, The Surgical Mask, The All Mask, Frankenstein etc. There is a significant number of mask lovers in Hollywood producer-directors. Writers should also be involved in this because that is what the original creations do.

Recently the film of James Bond series has been released. In India, it was released in theaters on 30 September. The beginning of this film is very interesting and effective. Very interesting and attractively designed masks have been used to make it interesting. ‘No Time To Die’ doesn’t feature Bond like other films, but his captivating camerawork and filming keep its fans hooked. Be it car chasing or motorcycle stunts, all are exciting.

In these, the entry of the mask drowns the beginning of the film in the syrup of mystery, which persists even further. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, he specializes in making films on every event. It should be expected that a film will be made there on Corona as well. In such a situation, whenever the film on Corona comes, the mask will also be included in it. Artists have a lot of importance in films, the screens look and sell the same. Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether and how the mask is used in films, whether it is or not. lets see.

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