According To Chanakya Niti Never Share These Things And Secret Of Your Life With Anyone

Acharya Chanakya believes that a person should never share his weaknesses with anyone because in the end that person can take advantage of your weaknesses and ruin you. Acharya Chanakya, the great economist and strategist, has composed a Niti Shastra, in which he has mentioned many types of policies to guide the society. Chanakya ji … Read more

iQoo 3 Review

iQoo is the newest smartphone brand to enter the Indian market. While most companies enter the new market with the intention of first capturing the budget segment, iQoo has come up with a different plan in India. The company made its India debut with the iQoo 3, which is a premium smartphone and comes with … Read more

Mass Religion Conversion Case Update – Religion Conversion Case: The web of conversion spread in 24 states, Hindu children were taught Urdu, many important revelations

Mass religion conversion case update- In the investigation against Mohammad Umar Gautam and Jahangir arrested for conversion, it has come to the fore that these people had spread the network of conversion in 24 states of the country. ADG LO Prashant Kumar said that the ATS and UP Police are conducting a detailed investigation of … Read more

Huawei could also launch the Watch Fit in India Before Diwali check features and specs – Tech news hindi

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is gearing up for a festive launch in India. The company has confirmed the launch of FreeBuds 4i in India. Truly Wireless Earbuds (TWS) have already been launched in the international markets and come with features like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a longer battery life, etc. Also, Huawei may also launch … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A31 Review in Hindi, Review of Samsung Galaxy A31

It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy M and A series models, as the new models are being introduced with minor changes. For example, the recently launched Galaxy M21 was basically the Galaxy M30s with a different selfie camera. While some models in the A and M series have slight differences … Read more

Girls Of These 4 Zodiac Sign Consider Very Lucky For Their Husband After Marriage They Rule Their Spouse

Girls born in Cancer zodiac are very lucky, they fill the house with happiness in whichever house they go after marriage. It often happens that after marriage some people get lucky, they start getting success in life. After marriage some people reach the heights of their career. According to astrologers, after marriage, the fate of … Read more

Assess the security of couples who marry in non religion: Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court has directed the Delhi Police to assess the security of a couple marrying a non-religion. The couple filed a petition saying that the girl’s relatives are angry with the decision to get married and they are in danger of their lives from them. New Delhi [विनीत त्रिपाठी]. The Delhi High Court … Read more

According To Astrology These 4 Zodiac Sign Have Tremendous Leadership Ability Earn Name In Every Field

The people of Leo zodiac lead a princely life. They get success in every field. The people of Leo zodiac gain a lot of fame on the basis of their hard work. A person works hard to achieve his goal, but not everyone gets success. According to astrologers, it is very important to have good … Read more

Bjp Is Friendly To All Caste And Religion: Pradeep

{“_id”:”616b149e15389c07e159d76f”,”slug”:”bjp-is-friendly-to-all-caste-and-religion-pradeep-mainpuri-news-agr516776124″,”type”:”story”,”status” :”publish”,”title_hn”:”BJP All Samaj Friendly Party”,”category”:{“title”:”City & states”,”title_hn”:”City & State”,”slug”:”city- and-states”}} hear the news hear the news Kishni. BJP’s Kisan Chaupal was held in Arsara village of Kishni assembly constituency on Saturday. BJP District President Pradeep Chauhan said that BJP is a friendly party of all caste and religion. The parties that talk about farmers … Read more